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residential locksmithProtect Your Home

When you need reliable residential locksmith service, count on Leon Valley Locksmith Pros to be there for you. Our licensed, bonded and insured technicians are available throughout Leon Valley TX and surrounding areas. Whether you’re calling on us for an estimate for a security system or emergency lock service, expect a prompt response from a courteous member of our team.

Why Choose Us?

We’re a local company with a solid reputation for quality work and upfront pricing. We offer full installation and repair services provided by courteous, knowledgeable locksmiths. Our experienced technicians will arrive quickly at your house, apartment, condo or dorm to assess the situation and offer results tailored to your needs. Customers often prefer us because of our:

  • 24/7 availability
  • 30 minute or less response times
  • Honest, accurate estimates
  • Licensed bonded and insured technicians

Importance Of Protecting Your Home

Security is an increasingly common concern for homeowners. Older locks, even those in relatively good shape, can present security risks. By upgrading your locks, you may enjoy extra savings on your homeowners insurance. If you lose a key or experience a break-in, knowing a trusted locksmith can be at your service in 30 minutes or less can take the stress out of the situation.

Installation, Repair And Replacement

Before we provide any service, you’ll receive an estimate. For new product installations, our courteous technicians will then take the time to explain your options and respectfully answer your questions to help you make a confident decision. For replacements, we’ll remove the old lock and install all related hardware. With repairs, the problem will be explained and we’ll recommend the most efficient solution.

Products And Services

Our goal is to provide the peace of mind you deserve. We offer a wide range of affordable home installation and repair services and high-quality products.


Our Services:

Lock Changes And Repair

Our Products:



Security Cameras


High-Tech / Smart Locks

Things To Try First…

Before calling on us, there are some solutions you can try to resolve some common residential lock problems. If you’re not having any luck with our recommended fixes, give us a call and we’ll send a licensed bonded and insured technician to your location quickly.

Problem: Key becomes stuck or is hard to turn...

Try This:

Be sure you’re using the right key. Place a damp cotton swab inside of the keyhole to remove any dirt. Insert the key again and see if it turns easier. Try a graphite or silicone spray on the lock, but never use oil.

Problem: Door latch doesn't shut...

Try This:

The door latch may be out of alignment with the strike plate. Adjust the strike plate itself by loosening the screws and re-positioning the plate to restore the correct alignment before tightening the screws back into place.

Problem: Weather stripping is making it difficult for the door to completely lock; or it's becoming difficult for the latch to connect with the frame...

Try This:

Either re-position the weather stripping away from the lock or replace it entirely if it’s worn or damaged. Test the door and lock to see if everything is functioning properly.

Problem: The key turns, but the lock itself does not turn or operate...

Try This:

It’s likely an issue with inner parts of the lock mechanism. If you’re not familiar with the process of changing a lock, call one of our locksmiths to get it done.

Upfront pricing and attention to detail are just a few of the reasons to make Leon Valley Locksmith Pros in Leon Valley TX your top choice. With 30 minute or less response times and 24/7 availability, it won’t be long before we’re at your home to restore your peace of mind. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our skilled technicians.

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