High Security Grade 1 Locks

Keep your property as safe as possible with the most secure locks on the market.

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high security grade 1 locksAs Secure As It Gets

Your company’s assets are important to you and you need the security that deters would be thieves from breaking in. We understand your frustration when locks and security systems don’t work properly or are not meeting your needs. High security grade 1 locks are specifically designed to prevent assailants from attempting to break in. We at Leon Valley Locksmith Pros specialize in installing and repairing these types of locks, along with many others.

What’s So Special About Grade 1?

Grade 1 locks hold up under pressure better than Grade 2 and Grade 3 types. The specifications of a Grade 1 lock out perform the rest in terms of:

  1. Durability – They must be able to withstand pressure and blunt force
  2. Performance – Should perform at 90% or better in deterring thieves
  3. Quality Materials – Locks must have materials that can withstand drilling and other physical means of entry
  4. Functionality – More than one locking mechanism or restrictive keyways

What’s Special About High-Security Vs. Regular Grade 1?

The biggest difference between normal grade 1 and high security grade 1 is the cylinders on a high security lock are made of hardened steel inserts. Most grade 1 locks are made of durable materials such as steel. You can usually tell by physical features such as:

  1. Cylinders with more than one locking mechanism that can be operated with a single key
  2. Hardened steel bolts, deadbolt and pins
  3. Restrictive key ways

Why Choose Us?

Round The Clock Care

Our commercial locksmith services stand out from the rest because we can provide expert assistance and quick response times 24 hours a day.

We Are Local

We care about the security and well being of residents and business owners because we live and work here too. Plus,our extensive knowledge of the area means that we know the fastest routes to take to respond in record times to any emergency locksmith situation.

To Be More Precise...

We will arrive in 30 minutes or less from the time you call, often times will will arrive in even less time.

Unlike The Others...

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to guarantee that you get quality workmanship that you can rely on.

No Surprises

We guarantee upfront pricing, meaning you will never be surprised with hidden fees after the work has been done. We agree to a price at the start of a job and we stick to it.

State Of The Art

Our experts are continuously trained in the latest technologies in the industry and are experts in using the latest tools to ensure no damage is caused when repairs are made.

Why Invest In New Locks For A Business?

Peace of mind is the best answer we can give you. These systems withstand the pressure and wear that businesses go through on a daily basis. With a top of the line lock is in place, you can know that your assets are safe from forced entry. You can rest easy that would be thieves will have a hard time breaking in by creating duplicate keys. You have the ability to control access to your building through the key control management system.

If you just opened a new office you want to start things off right with the best security you can to prevent any issues. If your business is growing, your old system just may not be enough anymore. Don’t take the risk, invest is the best locks for your property.

Top Brand Names

The name brands of high security locks we use to install in your doors, just to name a few include:

  • Medeco
  • Multi-T Lock
  • Emtek
  • Arrow
  • Schlage

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