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Call Leon Valley Locksmith Pros when you need fast and reliable lock services for your home or businesses. We specialize in installation and repairs for profile cylinder locks, and your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.

Who We Are

We are a cutting edge local business in Leon Valley, TX and we believe in providing clients with exceptional services at affordable prices. As a company that places primacy on operating in accordance with all state and local laws, we are licensed bonded and insured. We also offer 24/7 availability for all emergency locksmith needs, and we guarantee 30 minute or less response times. On top of that, we provide fair and upfront pricing, and all of this is delivered by friendly experts that are trained in all the latest technology and equipment.

What Is A Profile Cylinder Lock?

This type of lock is one of most secure and durable on the market. They are made using strong metal and have no edges. Due to their unique design, these systems make it very difficult for a common thief to break in. Without any edges, they cannot use a pry bar. Very common in Europe, these locks are also often used as sliding glass door lock in North America. There are different types, but the design is pretty standard. There is a single screw that goes through the cylinder to hold the lock in place

There are a few different types, and our experts will help you choose the best fit for your property:

  1. Single cylinder
  2. Double cylinder
  3. Single cylinder with a thumb turn

*Please note that if these mechanisms are not properly installed, they can be easy to removed or break.

Lock Changes For Your Home Or Business

If you are a business owner it is imperative that your property, employees, and customers are secure. If you want to limit access to certain areas of your business, you may want to look into a change of locks. We are happy to schedule a time that is convenient for you and stop by for an evaluation. We can help you choose what system is best for you, whether it is upgrading to an access control system or installing a master key lock system. Whatever your commercial locksmith need is, we’ve got you covered.

Rekey Services For Your Home Or Business

One reason you may need new keys made is if you just moved into a new home. You moved to a nice neighborhood and you even know the previous tenants. Everyone is very friendly and you feel perfectly safe. You don’t see a need to spend the money to get a whole new set of locks; however, this does not mean that you want to risk someone else walking around with a key without your consent. In this situation, you want rekey services. It is fast and easy and will ensure that you are in charge of who has keys to your house.

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