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automtoive locksmithAbout Your Local Experts

Our caring and efficient technicians offer automotive locksmith services to Leon Valley TX and the surrounding areas. We understand that leaving your keys in the car or having a key break or malfunction causes extra stress that you just don’t need. We do our best to give you great service that eliminates your worry and gets you back in your car and on the road quickly.

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What To Do If You Need Immediate Help

You know, or probably can imagine what happens when you lock your keys in the car. You get that sinking feeling in your stomach and maybe even start to panic a little. Panicking never makes any situation better. Stay calm and be proactive. Most people tend to keep better track of their phones than their keys, so we recommend that you save our number so you can reach us in case you need an emergency locksmith.

Some Things To Try First:

*Please note that we do not recommend intentionally leaving your doors or windows unlocked for security reasons.

  1. If you cannot open the driver’s door, double check to see if any of your other doors remain unlocked.
  2. If your trunk is open, gain access to your car by folding the back seat down.
  3. Call a nearby friend or family member who has your spare keys.
  4. If your key fob is malfunctioning, try to manually open the door or trunk with your key.

If these techniques don’t work for you, then it’s time to call us. Our 24/7 availability and 30 minute or less response times mean that you never have to wait long for our help.

Trust The Professionals – What Not To Do

We know that resourceful people like you often like to try the do-it-yourself way. You may remember seeing people slide the flat metal tools known as slim jims or even straightened wire coat hangers between their car doors and windows, trying to unlock their cars. Many years ago, when cars were less complicated, and most locks were mechanical, instead of electronic, this technique was safe and worked. Never try this technique on a modern car.

Modern cars have a variety of wires, electronic components and airbags in the area inside the car door. You or another untrained person trying to open a car door with a slim jim or wire hanger can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Unlocking a modern car is a job that requires a trained expert, and we are here to help. We will get you back in your car without causing any damage.

Issues In The Area

Many of the streets in Leon Valley are maintained by the Local Public Works Department. This maintenance includes; sidewalk repair, street signage and more. If you need to report an issue or have any questions please contact Public Works and remember, drive safe!

A History Of Car Door Locks

Early cars had no locks on the doors because anyone who was wealthy enough to own a car also typically had a driver. The driver remained with the vehicle when it was not being used, which gave owners security and made locks unnecessary. As cars became more affordable and more popular, manufacturers began installing door locks. The first of which were mechanical, but modern locks are electronic. They keep your vehicle and your belongings inside safe, but unfortunately, they can cause many headaches too. We’ve all probably locked our keys in the car at least once, lost a key or had it break or malfunction. This created a demand for the automotive locksmith, and that is why we offer our friendly and affordable services to help anyone having trouble with their car keys or car door locks.

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