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You should never be stuck outside your own home! Call us 24/7 and we will get you back inside fast.

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home lockoutDon’t Get Stuck – You Can Rely On Us

If you have found yourself in an unfortunate situation of a home lockout, you are in a precarious position. Homeowners who do not have quick access to a spare key really only have one option – calling a licensed bonded insured Residential Locksmith.

Our professionals have years of experience in opening all types of doors and lock systems with causing any damage. With 24/7 availability and 30 minute or less response times, you never have to worry about being stuck outside for long. Our upfront pricing model is straightforward to prevent unexpected costs once we arrives on-site.

We can get you inside, no matter what type of lock you have, including:


Mortise Locks

High-Security Grade 1

High-Tech / Smart Locks

Profile Cylinder

Our Specialty

Our company is the leading emergency locksmith service in Leon Valley, TX. Our trustworthy technicians are available night and day, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our community and always offer service with a smile!

We understand that problem can happen at any time of the day or night. That’s why we offer 24/7 availability regardless of whether you need to get inside your home or business, or you need car lockout services. We use the latest technology and equipment to gain access to your property safely and quickly.

Protect Your Home

We offer top notch services for all types of home security, including; burglary damage repair, closed circuit tv’s, and so much more. If you are interested in upgrading your home’s protection give us a call. We will evaluate your situation and help you choose what is best for your home, while respecting your needs and your budget.

Services For Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Investors, Landlords and Property Managers throughout our community rely on our assistance when the time comes to change locks on their investment and rental properties. Our commercial lock services help protect their investment and curb unauthorized access to vacant properties so they can rest easy at night knowing that anyone who has a copy of the old key will no longer be able to enter the property.

Obviously, this is a concern because unless you are the first person to occupy the space, there is no way to know for sure how many copies of the key are circulating. Our technicians are skilled at rekeying existing locks and installing new locks. Alternatively, they can help with replacing keys if needed as well. Our goal is to assist local Real Estate Professionals in streamlining their business operations. We are also experts when it comes to all aspects of master key lock systems and this just may be what you need for your property rental business.

Protect Our Community

We are a local business that supports our community! Find out about how you can help and get involved with our local neighborhood watch program.

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