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commercial locksmithOwning a business is a precious asset, often embracing large amounts of capital, personnel and high-tech infrastructure.

Needless to say, keeping these resources safe and secure can weigh on your mind more than you would like, unless you invest in the necessary measures to preserve them, impregnable and intact. Central to this task is the installation and maintenance work that keep your commercial property impervious to theft and vandalism. Doors, windows, cabinets and drawers are all vulnerable without state-of-the-art locks to keep unwanted visitors out. Leon Valley Locksmith Pros stands ready to install and maintain your locks anytime, night or day. We are a full commercial locksmith company protecting businesses in Leon Valley and the surrounding areas.

About Us

We serve the local area with prompt and reliable assistance around the clock. We serve customers with 24/7 availability, guaranteeing 30 minute or less response times, and we make good on those promises.

If you can come in early and work late, we can do likewise. Because you deserve trustworthy business partners, we provide technicians that are licensed bonded and insured. Since you are entrepreneurs who do not have money to burn, we honor your budget needs with upfront pricing. Ours is a business, as well, and you can trust us to understand your needs.

The Most Up To Date Locking Hardware For Large and Small Business Properties

Some of the ways in which we secure your assets include:

commercial master keysThis is perfect for a guest house or rental property, where you want ensure you have access to every room, while guests can only get into their room. You can carry just one key that does it all with master keys.

commercial asscess controlWith access control systems you are in charge of which employees have access to certain areas. Our expert technicians will be sure your system is programmed and that you understand how everything works before considering the job complete.

commercial lock outIf you are locked out of your office, we provide 24/7 services and we will arrive within 30 minutes or less from the time you call. Meaning, you can get back in the office and back to work in no time.

commercial push barAlso known as Push Bars, they are required for many public properties, these doors can be lifesaving in the event an emergency exit is required

commercial high security locksWe carry only the most durable and reliable locks. Evaluated by the American National Standards Institute, our hardware meets the most exacting standards for deadbolts, keyed entry knobs and front entry handle sets.

commercial door closersAutomatic door closers cut down on energy costs and keep disturbances in your workplace at a minimum. Our experts can even set the speed at which the doors close, giving you maximum control.

commercial cctvClosed Circuit TV’s are the latest in exciting new security technologies. We will install a system that works for your needs whether you have a small business or a large commercial facility.

commercial magnetic doorsUsing state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our expert technicians have the necessary skills and tools to install these complex systems. Magnetic door locks are great for business with heavy traffic

Not Sure What System Is Right For Your Business, Let Us Help

All of our offerings are performed by experienced, professional locksmith technicians who are familiar with offices, industrial space and retail establishments.

Furthermore, they keep up-to-date on the latest technology so as to advise customers of all available options. With this expert knowledge, they can install, repair and replace locks and systems swiftly without leaving your business vulnerable. In addition, they can quickly calculate and estimate the cost of improvements or adjustments.

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Our friendly and competent technicians stand ready to help you secure your business and property. Efficient and honest, we can help you to rest easy in the knowledge that all your hard work and investment is well-kept against burglary and damage.

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