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Stay focused on your business and let the licensed bonded and insured technicians at Leon Valley Locksmith Pros maintain your automatic door closers. Whether you’re in need of emergency lock repairs, routine maintenance or a new installation, count on us to deliver the results you deserve at the rates you expect. We routinely provide reliable commercial locksmith service 24-hours a day, seven days a week throughout Leon Valley TX and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

We offer full assistance for all types of automatic closers. Our expert technicians are trained to handle all brands and all types of door closers. Regardless of the complexity of your set-up, we’ll take the time necessary to successfully resolve the issue or complete the requested installation. Customers benefit from our:


Upfront Pricing


30 Minute Or Less Response Times


24/7 Availability


Fair & Upfront Pricing


Licensed, Bonded & Insured Experts

Importance of Automatic Door Closer Services

Often used in loading areas or on office doors, automatic door closers play an important role in keeping things moving and flowing in the workplace. These systems have to be large enough to hold the mechanisms necessary for them to operate frequently throughout the day. With all this wear, it’s understandable that doors need attention now and then to keep everything functioning properly.

Automatic Door Closer Repairs

The inside mechanisms are especially susceptible to damage. If your door closers aren’t working right, our licensed bonded and insured technicians will check all internal mechanisms and adjacent hardware to identify and correct the problem. Our 24/7 availability means we’ll be there quickly when urgent repairs are needed.

Replacement And Installation

When replacement is necessary, our technicians will remove the old closer and install all new components and parts. For new installations, we’ll recommend a closer that’s the right size for the door, take careful measurements and come prepared to complete the installation as efficiently as possible to minimize disruptions. We’ll make sure everything is aligned properly and functioning smoothly before leaving your premises.


Automatic Door Closers FAQ

Q. What are my options for the installation of an overhead door closer?

A. There are three basic choices for how a door closer is attached:

  1. A regular arm uses a double-lever arm and is considered the most efficient way to attach a door closer.
  2. Often recommended for exteriors, a top jamb arm provides greater control.
  3. A parallel arm is a more aesthetically pleasing choice since there is little hardware showing when the door is closed.
Q. What is the appropriate latch speed?

A. Referring to how fast or slow the door closes, latch speed should be set so the door gently closes and never slams. Adjustments can be made based on what you prefer for your business.

There is no standard latch speed, although latch speed can be adjusted differently for each door in or around your facility.

Q. How can I be sure the door closer will support the weight of the door?

A. Most have an adjustable spring-power setting that can be adjusted to accommodate the weight of the door the closer has to support.

Our licensed bonded and insured commercial locksmiths will recommend a spring-power adjustment that’s appropriate for each door.

Maintain your automatic door closers by calling on the team at Leon Valley Locksmith Pros. We work to build lasting customer relationships in Leon Valley TX with our 24/7 availability, prompt arrivals, attention to detail, 30 minute or less response times and upfront pricing. Call today to schedule an appointment or request emergency commercial locksmith service.

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