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locks serviceA Brief History

Locksmiths have been serving human beings for over 4,000 years, the first were made of wood. They were large and crude and required an equally large, unwieldy, wooden key that had to be inserted and then raised to move the lock’s pins. Today, the professional, highly trained technicians at Leon Valley Locksmith Pros provide a wide range of specialized lock services to fill the security needs of Leon Valley TX, residents and businesses. Locks are no longer one-large-size fits all devices, or even one type fits all devices.

What To Expect

Our honest, friendly technicians serve as your local experts when it comes to commercial, residential and emergency locksmiths. Whether you lost your keys at a Marshall HS Rams Game or you are opening a new business in Leon Valley, we can change or re-key your locks and upgrade your security. We can help you choose what is best for your property, while respecting your budget.

Our work includes:

  • Lock Change And Rekey
  • Deadbolt
  • Profile Cylinder
  • Mortise
  • High Security – Grade 1
  • High-Tech / Smart Locks
  • Magnetic Door Locks


How Things Work

The lock bolt is a heavy metal bar that extends or retracts as the lock cylinder is rotated by turning a key (a double cylinder deadbolt) or a knob (a single cylinder deadbolt). A spring bolt lock retracts as the turning of the door knob compresses a spring and extends again when the door knob is released.

The bolt is normally longer than that of a spring lock, and extends farther into the door frame. The mechanism and the length make deadbolts the more secure choice.

Made popular because they have features that make them so resistant to manipulation or forced entry, that attempts to enter are too expensive or become too time consuming to be worthwhile and safe to attempt. Burglars move on to easier targets, making them perfect for your home locks.

These locks and their keys are made of stronger materials than residential grade locks. They have restrictive keyways and other components that make it difficult to use lock picking tools, or to take an impression. Other features prevent cross keying and duplication, while allowing for master keys that provide access only to selected areas of your business.

High-Tech / Smart Locks

Bluetooth locks recognize the signal from your cell phone or from a key fob, while WiFi locks are controlled by a web app. Installation can be as simple as adding a smart device to your dead bolt locks, but some models require you to replace your locks completely.

Because WiFi systems connect wirelessly to your home network, they offer more features and can interact with other smart devices in your home. However, because they are always connected to the internet, they are vulnerable to hacking. Bluetooth locks are more secure, but they offer fewer features. There is also a lag before the door unlocks.

Rather than mounting on the surface of the door, mortise locks are rectangular boxes that fit into a rectangular chamber cut into the door. Like deadbolts, they have long, heavy bars that extend into the door frame.

Installation requires precise measurements and woodworking skills, however, because of their strength, they are returning to use in high end residential structures and commercial buildings.

Why Choose Us

Leon Valley Locksmith Pros offers upfront pricing, 24/7 availability, and 30 minute or less response times. We are licensed bonded and insured, and our experts have the high tech equipment and tools for any commercial locksmith or residential job. We are a local company proud to serve the businesses and residents of Leon Valley TX.

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