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When you find yourself in need of new keys, it’s immensely important to ensure that you obtain assistance from a team of trained professionals. That team is Leon Valley Locksmith Pros. We’re your first choice when you’re serious about finding an outstanding emergency locksmith. We offer top notch rekey services for homes and businesses in the area, for all types of lock and key systems.

About Us

We are passionate professionals who love seeing satisfied customers. We are a local company invested in the safety and well being of our community.

We are proud to offer the following for our neighbors:


24/7 Availability


30 Minutes Or Less Response Times


Fast, Friendly Expert Assistance


Upfront Pricing


Licensed, Bonded And Insured Technicians

What We Offer

Our highly skilled experts use the latest in advanced tools and technology to provide rekey services for all types of lock systems, including:

How To Know If You Need Rekey Services

Changing a key is most often much cheaper and faster than changing the lock, and still provides a new sense of security. There are many reasons why a home or business owner may choose to get new keys made. If you find yourself in one of the situations below, give us a call for our expert lock services.

  1. A key was lost
  2. A key was stolen
  3. There is a master key in circulation
  4. The property was sold or rented out to new tenants
  5. There was a change in office tenants
  6. An ex still has a key
  7. A copy of the key was made without permission
  8. The lock mechanism is broken

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